October 2019 Neck and Back Pain Workshop

This page contains links to all of the *available* audio lessons for the workshop.

I apologise that they aren't all there. Some of the tracks contain all kinds of squealing and bleeping. I assume there is an issue with my microphone. I have uploaded the tracks which are acceptable, but some were complete write-off's. For the ones which aren't there, I'll upload them here the next time I teach them. I have already found a replacement for one which I had recorded previously. I hope you enjoy these lessons again and again and that they give you a taste for what's possible.

I have also included document on HOW to practice. I think it's useful to keep hearing these reminders over and over again. They really are the fundamentals about how to improve the way you learn (in movement AND in life)

Additionally, I remember we had a discussion regarding the Webber-Fechner law. Here's an article I wrote which describes it a little more clearly than my description in class.

Week 1

Lesson 1 - Coordinating the flexors and extensors
Taught by Tom
I taught this lesson at one of my classes the other day so was able to replace the original which had audio problems

Week 2

Lesson 1 - Lengthening the arms into rolling
Taught by Viv
A couple of short audio disturbances. One at about 9:30 and the other about 32:00 each lasting only 15s or so. Not too bad.

Lesson 2 - Side bending in seated position
Taught by Tom
This one the audio was terrible but it just so happens that there was one I had prepared earlier!

Lesson 3 - Flexion and Extension in seated position
Taught by Tom

Week 3

Lesson 1 - Finding the hip joints
Taught by Viv
This lesson also had terrible audio which wasn't worth keeping

Lesson 2 - Head rolling like a ball under a board
Taught by Tom

Week 4

Lesson 1 - Turning in sitting
Taught by Viv

Lesson 2 - Tilting the legs in and out on the back
Taught by Tom