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The 20 Minute Body Reset

Discover how to reset pain and tension that doesn't go away despite all the clicking, stretching or bodywork that you do. Learn to change the movement habits which maintain your pain so you can stop feeling so creaky and more like your actual age. Regain freedom of movement and feel unrestricted in your body.

I've come full circle. I started out physically active and free and then went deep into chronic debilitating pain. Now, years later, I'm agile, supple and pain free again - in fact it's even better than before! Trust me... I tried all the things to change the pain (diet, yoga, supplements, cleanses, bodywork, and on it goes...) Turns out, we need exploratory movement that challenges our postural habits on a deep level. Grab this combo pdf guide/audio exploration to discover how to stop pain in its tracks and feel unrestricted in your body again.

  • Learn how to even out imbalances yourself instead of spending $100's on massage therapists, osteo's or chiropractors.
  • Start relieving pain and tension habits and feel less restricted in your movement.
  • Improve your posture automatically without having to constantly think about "pulling your shoulders back" or "sitting up straight"
  • Forget short-term adjustments. Learn how to practice at the level of habit change so that your improvements stay with you for the long run.
  • Prevent your pain from getting worse over time and causing drama in your life.