The 20 Minute Body Reset

First step - learn to uncover your personal postural imbalances. Second step - push the reset button to even them out. This method will help you relieve pain and tension, improve your posture and regain freedom of movement.

I used to have chronic pain and tension in my body. Stretching, self massage and bodywork didn't touch it - at least not for long.

It wasn't until I learned how to change the movement habits that were maintaining my pain that I could stop feeling so creaky and more like my actual age.

In this guide I have shared a simple feldenkrais process to help you...

  • Learn how to even out imbalances yourself instead ofspending $100's on massage therapists, osteo's or chiropractors.
  • Start relieving pain and tension habits and feel less restricted in your movement.
  • Improve your posture automatically without having to constantly think about "pulling your shoulders back" or "sitting up straight"
  • Practice at the level of habit change so that your improvements stay with you for the long run.
  • Prevent your pain from getting worse over time and causing drama in your life.