Auckland Feldenkrais Classes

Let Me Guide You To Listen Deeply To Yourself

Feldenkrais classes are one of the best ways to learn the principles of this powerful method. In a group setting I'll guide you through an exploration into a series of gentle, yet precise movements.

The way I think of it, these movements are like puzzles for your nervous system to figure out. Through this process of "wrestling with the unknown" you will make improvements in the way that you think, feel, sense and move.

And most importantly, you will learn HOW to practice any movement in a way that you are truly listening to your own needs.

I am currently running weekly classes at the SOUL centre Titirangi

These are taught in 5 week blocks.

The classes start at 11am and go for an hour.

Casual drop in rates are $18/class

Purchasing the whole 5 week block is $55 ($11/class)

Address is 18 Huia Rd, Titirangi, West Auckland

There are also a couple of other pricing options available on the Soul centre website if you're interested in some of the other cool movement practices on offer there.