Awareness and Movement Education Classes

Do you want your body to feel better?

There's some really common complaints I hear from people about what their body feels like.

  • Some people struggle with pain. They might have a sore back, neck or other part of their body that is always at some level of pain. It's either a constant companion or it's a regular visitor that just doesn't know when to leave.
  • Other people have constant low levels of discomfort in their body. It can manifest as a feeling of stiffness or tension, or even fatigue. There may be a sense that something needs to be clicked or crunched to feel better.
  • Some people struggle with particular movements. They might know that whenever they walk downstairs they feel sore in their left knee. Or maybe there's some old injury that never really left and it shows up in specific situations.

I teach classes which are designed to help you improve the way you feel in your body. All of those complaints I mentioned above are directly controlled by your NERVOUS SYSTEM. The classes I teach help to RE-EDUCATE your nervous system so that you learn to move with a lot more ease and enjoyment. Pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension are all habits of your nervous system that can be reprogrammed so that you feel a lot more ease.

The nature of these classes is highly self-exploratory. I will guide you with my voice to feel specific things in your movement and your experience. You will be very focussed internally most of the time. It's not a follow the leader style class because it helps you to develop your own body awareness.

People report things like feeling lighter, more connected, more grounded.... as though movement has become effortless. This is an ongoing practice that over time will keep improving the way you move and feel. Let's let go of this idea that you have to get stiffer and less mobile as you age.

It isn't true.

Anyone at any stage can improve. I believe that if we engage in ongoing learning and education about ourselves over our lives then we can have an aware and intelligent body that feels great to inhabit.

If that sounds like something you'd like to claim in your life then I'd love for you to join me.

Classes details are as follows:

Price: $20NZD for casual drop in rate.
10 class concession: $180NZD (To access, please click the View Products/Packages link below)
Time: 7pm Wednesday NZST for approximately 1 hour
Online: Classes are run on zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world

You can join by purchasing the classes below.