Tom Moves - Life Speaks In Movement. Are You Listening?

Pain? Stiffness? Difficulty with movement?

Please Enjoy This Free Lesson To Evolve Your Movement

Welcome. I'm excited to have you here. I always love sharing lessons with people because it's amazing to see what changes occur. People often stand up after a lesson and feel straighter, evenly balanced and more at ease in themselves.

Quite often their pain (if they have any) will mysteriously disappear too.

Despite having a good understanding of why it works, it still feels like magic to me - and it's such a pleasure to watch.

So I invite you to give this lesson a try and see what happens for you. I hand-picked this lesson in particular because it helps improve many different things. In particular, lengthening the back muscles and balancing the head nicely on top of your spine.

This lesson was recorded during one of my weekly classes. It is approximately an hour long, so I'd recommend blocking off some time where you won't be interrupted. I'd also recommend going to the bathroom and taking off your glasses (if you wear them) before you start.

The lesson starts in a standing position but then quickly transitions to lying down on your back. The best way to do this lesson is with a mat or thick blanket of some kind which will allow you to lie down comfortably on the floor.

You'll notice in this lesson that I'll ask you many questions and direct your attention to different parts of your body. This "tuning in" to your senses is what creates changes in your patterns of movement in your brain. You'll likely notice changes that happen in your contact with the floor as well as your ease of movement. When you come to standing again at the end, you may feel quite different to when you started. This is a good sign. It means something has changed.

Please take care of your own comfort. Don't move into pain. If you get tired, bored or you begin to start forcing the movements, take a break. You won't miss anything by resting. A few movements done with great quality is far better than many movements done without paying full attention.

To get the most from this lesson, read this guide for HOW to practice. It gives guidelines which will get you into the best possible state for learning and change.

If you have any questions about this lesson please just send me a message and I'll do my best to help you out. Or if you have any feedback I welcome that too.