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Harness The Power Of Your Brain To Upgrade Your Movement

The way you move is based on patterns that your brain has learned. Put simply, they are habits - automatic ways of moving that get repeated over and over.

If you have pain, discomfort or difficulty then it's likely that your subconcious movement habits aren't serving you well. Perhaps you're OVERusing a certain way of moving while neglecting others.

Luckily, your brain is like a kung-fu wizard! It is mysteriously masterful at learning new ways of moving. Which means you are not a slave to your habits - you can change them. My job is to help tap you into your own ocean of intelligence so that you can learn new ways of moving through the world.

And if you're not in pain, even better. This work isn't limited to "problems". If there's anything that you do and you'd like to do it better, then we can work together to improve it.

Meet Tom


People who want to...

  • Find a way out of pain
  • Balance their posture
  • Find freedom in their movement
  • Let go of tension, restriction and stiffness in their movement
  • Understand their body and movement more

How We Can Work Together

One-on-One Functional Integration ® lesson

When you come for a one-on-one lesson at my clinic we enter a journey of exploration together. What are we exploring? You!

Together we will explore your specific habits of movement. These habits are what contribute to any issues you might be struggling with...

My role is to...

  • Reveal your current habits of movement by asking your body questions with my hands.
  • Support you to reduce muscular activity which holds your body in it's habitual way
  • Guide your nervous system to learn a new way of moving and being...

Other clients have described how this process feels with words like connected, grounded, light, aligned, balanced, alive, coming home...

Work 1-on-1 With Tom

Awareness Through Movement ® Classes

Classes are designed as a movement challenge or puzzle. Each class presents a new puzzle for you to approach.

These classes are designed to teach you about yourself in many ways...

  • Learn about your current habits of moving (which may be contributing to difficulties like pain, balance problems etc.)
  • Discover new possibilities for ways of moving
  • Uncover your personal strategies that arise when you meet a new or challenging situation.
  • Perhaps find some NEW strategies for dancing gracefully with the unknown.

My role in these weekly classes is to help you sense your own way through. To bring out the intelligence which is already there inside you. To help you let go of struggle and move into ease.

Experience a Group Class

Words From Amazing Humans...

Jewel Richards

I've had an incredible weekend. I no longer have any pain in my neck, which is very gently and delicately blowing my mind.

I made that really subtle movement that you taught me. Oh my god, it was so interesting to roll my head between my temples and to feel that pull in my neck fade away. I was using just my imagination to make my head go one way and my eyes the other way. And I spent a lot of time doing that. And now there's no pull at all!

I'm really feeling that different feeling in my body again. When I'm driving now I'm not just turning my head I'm actually using my body to turn if I need to look backwards for traffic. I'm actually using my ribcage to swivel and turn. I wasn't doing that before. I was just turning my head.

You know, that pain was so familiar. I know you'll resonate with this, it was just such a pattern. It was ME. And now that I don't have that anymore it feels really fricken weird. But in such a good way. And I just can't believe it's happened so fast. That's just blowing my fricken socks off Tom.

Alistair Greenwood

I have been so enriched by my Feldenkrais sessions with Tom. His ability to navigate and assist my learning has helped me to discover more about myself in ways that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Tom’s passion for movement and the seemingly endless potential we have available in us to move is inspiring. I can thoroughly recommend Tom to anyone who would like to explore new ways of moving or desire to reach higher in their chosen profession.

Tara Salthouse

Thanks Tom! I've learnt so much from the Feldenkrais sessions I've had with you. Your sensitive yet clear way of approaching this work creates a safe environment for me to listen deeply to my body and I find that I leave with a profound sense of ease. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being at home in my own body!