Are you tired of living with persistent pain or struggling with postural imbalances that limit your daily activities?

I used to be in your shoes, dealing with chronic pain in my knee and ankle. It was so severe I couldn't walk for a whole year. It was an incredibly challenging and isolating experience. I felt helplessly trapped in a shrinking world, missing out on life and losing connection with the people I cared about the most. I remember feeling scared that it was never going to get better, because I couldn't find anyone who understood my difficulties.

If you're currently experiencing similar emotions and challenges, please know that you're not alone. Many people facing persistent pain or postural imbalances have felt this way before.

That's precisely why I'm here to talk to you. You see, I eventually found someone who not only helped relieve my pain. They also helped me understand that the pain in my leg wasn't even about my leg.

Rather, looking through a more holistic lens, it was apparent that the pain in my leg stemmed from the way I used my eyes for balancing.

This realization blew me away!

I was so intrigued (and relieved) that I committed to a professional training program for the next 4 years.

This training taught me how to see the body holistically too. That's how I eradicated the chronic pain I had been coping with.

From then on I started applying myself to helping others. I used my newly developed skills of working in harmony with the nervous system's in-built mechanisms for change. I also incorporated skills from my years in eastern practices to sense the innate movement impulse of the body.

These are the things that set apart what I do from others and they are the way I help to guide people out of pain and stuckness, back to freedom and ease again.

Now, you may be wondering if I am able to help with your specific situation. Lets explore the types of problems I can assist you with

What types of problems can I help with?

Pain relief - Whether it's back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain or elbow pain, I can help you find long term relief. I can also address areas of discomfort which are really just early warning signs of pain.

Improved movement - I can help alleviate chronic tightness, tension, or stiffness that limits your movement. Whether it's a stiff neck, a frozen shoulder or tight hamstrings that prevent you from touching your toes, I can help you regain freedom.

More efficient walking pattern - Almost everyone walks asymmetrically. This isn't always a problem, however some people's gait pattern is much more lop-sided than others and this can contribute to chronic pain and the likelihood of injuries. I can help address this asymmetry to make walking easier and more enjoyable.

Postural imbalances - If you've noticed postural issues, such as rounded shoulders, craned neck, or head forward, I can help you improve your balance and alignment, bringing your posture to a more aligned position.

Post surgery or injury recovery - Sometimes, the body develops altered movement patterns after surgery or injury to compensate for the condition. (Like limping when you have a sore foot.) This is beneficial because it allows you to keep functioning. However, sometimes the altered movement lingers long after the injury or surgery has healed. I can help you rediscover your body's full potential and remind it of it's possibilities in movement.

Rehabilitation from care-provider injuries - It's unfortunate, but injuries caused by care-providers do happen. If you've experienced such an incident, I can help you recover safely and prevent further injuries.

Here's What Some of My Clients Have to Say

Jacqlin Richards

I no longer have any pain in my neck. When I'm driving now I'm not just turning my head I'm actually using my body to turn if I need to look backwards for traffic. I'm actually using my ribcage to swivel and turn.

Alistair Greenwood

I have been so enriched by my Feldenkrais sessions with Tom. His ability to navigate and assist my learning has helped me to discover more about myself in ways that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Tara Salthouse

Your sensitive yet clear way of approaching this work creates a safe environment for me to listen deeply to my body and I find that I leave with a profound sense of ease. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being at home in my own body!

Here's how can I help you get your freedom back

Imagine you have a jigsaw puzzle that has been scattered across the table. Each puzzle piece represents a different part of yourself. Over time, due to injuries, habits and the demands of life, these puzzle pieces have become disconnected and scattered.

My job is to act as a skilled puzzle-master guiding you through the process of reassembling the pieces. I lead you through a gentle and mindful process of picking up the puzzle pieces one by one.

Together we explore each piece with curiosity, observing its shape, texture, and unique qualities. As you bring your attention to each piece, you become aware of how it fits together with the others.

As you continue this process, you begin to notice that the puzzle pieces start to find their rightful places. The connections between the pieces become stronger, and the puzzle starts to take shape.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and movement begin to integrate and work harmoniously, like a complete picture forming before your eyes.

Through the gentle movements and awareness you gain, you gradually reestablish the connection between these disconnected parts of yourself. You become more in tune with your body, more present in the moment, and more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Chronic pain, difficulty and postural imbalances start to fade away and become replaced with ease and harmony.

This all takes place during a process of one-on-one, hands-on, movement based bodywork.

What is a one on one bodywork session like?

Sessions are tailor made for you. We usually start with a conversation so that I can understand what's going on in your world. I craft my approach uniquely to whatever is going to be most helpful for you at the time. I work with you paying close attention to your specific movement patterns, limitations, and areas of potential improvement.

We explore some movements or positions to use as a reference. This creates a baseline and can serve as a point of comparison for later. This is like taking a "before" photo so that we can see later what has changed.

Then we'll move to the table. Sessions are done fully clothed. I might use towels, rollers, pads or pillows to support you to feel comfortable and safe. The intention is to create an environment that is inviting for change.

My touch is inquiry based. I ask questions of your body and your movement to help bring awareness so that the puzzle fits back together. This is about allowing a space for change to emerge out of, rather than "making it happen". The touch is gentle, never about forceful manipulation or agressive techniques. This is in harmony with your nervous system's in-built mechanisms for change.

I also use touch to feel your innate movement impulse. If this seems unusual to you, just think of a time when you've woken up in the morning and had a good cat-stretch. You moved in a way that felt "right" and just what you needed. This "rightness" is what I'm referring to. Your body already has everthing it needs to untangle your pain. It's just about getting quiet enough to listen to it.

Changes will begin to happen as the session progresses. You may feel unusual or novel sensations emerge in your body (which I can help draw your attention to). You may feel old emotions or memories come up - sadness, fear, anger etc. (Which are totally welcome). You may feel your breath deepen and change. You may feel your range of motion increasing and your body moving in new ways that it hasn't moved for a long time.

After the session has finished, we'll often re-explore that reference movement to let you experience what has changed. People report all kinds of different things at this stage. Words like...

More Testimonials from Clients

Andrea Trapp

My mood has improved dramatically because I'm nearly pain free after nearly 1 year of chronic pain that no physio, osteopath, chiropractor or acupuncturist could treat.

Katrin Franz

I can feel quite a profound effect in my breath and my energy levels and my emotional state. It feels like I'm more expansive and present and full with energy.

James Skinner

As we worked together I discovered more and more about my body, moving me from blaming it, to loving it. It was one of the most calming experiences I’ve had whilst working with my body.

Common questions that people have

Sessions are approximately 90mins for the first one and about 60 mins for the following ones. This allows enough time for deep exploration and meaningful progress.
Initial sessions cost $110NZD. Follow up sessions are $90NZD
It's important to understand that progress is non-linear and can occur gradually. If you have chronic pain which has been there for a long time, then it's likely you will need some time to work through this issue. If your symptoms are more mild then we may be able to work through things in a short period of time. Even more importantly is that this type of work is a learning process. It's designed to change the way you think about yourself. It's not the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. It's the method that will help you learn how to climb up and down that cliff with ease. The people who get the best results are those who approach it with consistency well beyond the time when their symptoms have cleared up. They are engaging in ongoing improvement and development which guarantees that pain and discomfort are a thing of the past.
At Oratia Health which is at 146 Parker Rd, Oratia, West Auckland
I am a certified feldenkrais practitioner and a shuichuan qigong practitioner. These serve as the backbone of my approach. Feldenkrais is all about movement, learning, the nervous system and human potential. Qigong is about following the qi (that movement impulse I spoke of) and allowing the in-built ocean of intelligence within us to guide the process

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