How to increase spine flexibility

Here are some simple Feldenkrais movements that will help to increase the flexibility of your spine. In particular they will help you free up the middle portion of your back - your thoracic spine. The benefits of freeing up this area are wide ranging. When you gain more ability to move your spine with ease then all of your other movements become easier too. You will likely notice more "well oiled" movement, improved posture without trying, reduced pain and greater awareness of your body.

If you're an office worker you can use these movements to help make sitting more comfortable. Try doing them at your desk at the start of the day to make the whole rest of your day easier.

This practice I'm sharing works with your central nervous system to improve your movement patterns. Your brain is highly intelligent, so you just need to give it the right kind of input and it will start working its magic to improve your ease, enjoyment and coordination of movement.

Enjoy! And if you get some good improvements, please share it around with your friends!