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🌟 Welcome to a Journey of Wellness and Self-Discovery! 🌟

Hello, lovely wellness explorers! I'm thrilled to invite you to a transformative online journey that will unravel the secrets to better spine health and bid farewell to pain.

As a dedicated Feldenkrais practitioner, I've spent years exploring the intricate relationship between movement, the nervous system, and the well-being of the body. If there's one thing this journey has taught me, it's that no matter what pain or difficulty you have - your spine is involved! Which is why I've decided to take a deep dive into this topic. I'm excited to share this wisdom with you in a new format, an 8-week online course that promises to be enlightening and liberating.

💫 Course Highlights 💫
🌱 What: An 8-week course on improving spine health and reducing pain.
🌱 When: Starting soon! Reserve your spot today.
🌱 Where: Your favorite cozy corner, as it's all online.
🌱 Cost: Absolutely FREE! But there's a unique payment method (details below).
🌱 Who it's for: Anyone who experiences back, neck or joint pain, stiffness or movement difficulties.

🚀 What to Expect 🚀
🎥 Video Content: Engage with insightful video lessons, where I'll draw from my Feldenkrais expertise to guide you through transformative practices.
🗣 Weekly Zoom Discussions: Join our supportive community for weekly Zoom calls. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.
📝 Assignments: Practical assignments will help you integrate these teachings into your daily life, ensuring lasting change.

🕵️‍♂️ Content sneak-peek 🕵️‍♂️
🧠 Discover the principles of working with your nervous system to create lasting change in your movement and postural habits.
🔍 Unravel your personal sticking points (whether it's neck/back/shoulder/knee/hip/etc pain) using the power of exploration and discovery.
🌬️ Learn how to use your breath as a profound and practical tool for improving your movement.

🌟 Why It's FREE 🌟
I've never offered this course in this format before, and I'm passionate about making sure it genuinely helps you. That's why it's 100% FREE in terms of money. However, I do ask for three essential "payments" from you:
1️⃣ Engagement: Dive into the course material, embrace the practices, and experience the change.
2️⃣ Feedback: Share your valuable thoughts and insights with me. Your feedback will be instrumental in improving this course.
3️⃣ Review: If you find this course deserving, leave a kick-ass review to inspire others on their journey.

🌟 Limited Spaces 🌟
To ensure a personalized experience, I'm limiting this course to just 8 participants. Don't miss your chance to transform your spine health.

Ready to embark on this enriching journey of self-discovery and spine wellness?

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🌿 Your wellness companion, Tom Wilson

Event Details
📆 Date: 20th September start
🕒 Time: TBC
📌 Location: Online (Zoom)

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