How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common experience. It's probably the most common complaint I hear from people I work with who are in pain. It can be chronic (long lasting) pain or it can be something that occurs sporadically and for a short time.

In either case, I have got a process I often lead people through which is usually pretty helpful for relieving the pain. If it doesn't remove the pain completely, it will usually reduce it significantly.

In the video below I've shared the process I use so that you can help fix your own back pain. It takes about 15ish minutes to complete.

Now I don't usually like to frame feldenkrais as a method for pain relief. I much prefer to think of it as something that is for developing your potential in your body. It sparks curiosity and leads you to question - how good COULD it get?

But, when you're in pain, it's difficult to think of anything else but getting out of pain. Aaaand Feldenkrais does happen to be incredible at reducing people's pain. So I've shared the process looking at it as a method for pain relief in this case...

Just don't get stuck thinking that's all it is alright... Promise?!?!